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Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant with Clear Blue Fertility Starter Kit



Clear Blue is a renowned name in the world of fertility monitors. The electronic devices manufactured by Clear Blue assists and detect the fertility cycle of the user. The monitors are perfect for identifying a maximum of six days per cycle which are the most fertile wherein the user have maximum chances of becoming pregnant. If you are new to the world of monitoring your fertility cycle then opt for the easy-to-use and non-invasive system – the Clear Blue Fertility Starter kit.

How to Get Pregnant Fast.

This is a wonderful product which is almost 100 percent accurate in detecting the woman’s fertile days every cycle. If you are wondering how, the answer is simple. It tracks the flow of Luteinizing Hormone or LH and estrogen. The Luteinizing Hormone triggers ovulation as it helps in releasing the egg from the ovary. The kit will help you in determining the peak days as the release of the eggs occurs after the LH surge which is monitored by the kit. Without the help of fertility starter kit it is not possible to understand the changes in your body.


While most ovulation fertility test kits identify only two peak days during the fertility cycle the Fertility kit from Clear Blue identifies six. If that is not enough, the data also shows that the kit is 99 percent accurate in determining the days wherein the user can conceive. That is not all! Apart from the six days, there are days when which are also high fertility days because a sperm in a woman’s body can survive for more than a couple of days. Hence, if you are using the Clear Blue kit, you will also get additional information about these days which can range from one to maximum five days.


The mechanism of the kit tracks the changes in the hormone levels by checking and monitoring changes in the basal body temperature, saliva, vaginal fluid, or urine. Such advanced tracking methods have made Clear Blue kit one of the best in the market and the popularity has been surging higher and higher.


The kit is loaded with unimaginable features for you. One such popular feature is the period warning mechanism. It tells you exactly when your period is due, helping you to prepare for the next fertility cycle.  


What adds on to the growing popularity of Clear Blue Fertility starter kit is that it can be used by everyone – if you have a regular cycle you can use 10 sticks while women with irregular cycles may have to use a minimum of 20 sticks per cycle. Though 99 percent accurate in determining the cycles, fertility kit from Clear Blue should not be used if you are suffering from symptoms of menopausal and polycystic syndrome or are going through liver or kidney treatments. This can also have adverse affect if you had conceived or had a miscarriage very recently in the past.


The monitors can also be misled by the body if you are consuming certain medicines such as tetracycline. Again, if you have consumed an emergency contraceptive pill in the last 24 hours then you have to wait for a minimum of two menstrual cycles before using the monitor kit. Always make sure that the cycle time is normal. And it is always advisable to check with your physician before using the starter kit to boost your chances of conceiving.  

How to use Clear Blue Fertility starter kit?

The kit consists of test sticks and a monitor and you will have to collect urine samples at regular intervals if and when the monitor asks for it. The test sticks are the indicators of low, high, and peak fertility days. To perform the test, use the sampling end of the stick to collect urine. This test stick is then inserted into the monitor and within five minutes the monitor displays the fertility status. This is how simple it is! So, if you are looking for accurate answers without jumping into the car and rushing to get tests done by your doctor you can order for Clear Blue Fertility starter kit online and get instant results.